Our Technology

Beginning from orders of our customers to the shipping of our products, all processes for taking orders, laboratory works and production are controlled and followed in computerised system. 

Also processes of account and personal are performed in computerised system.

From the laboratory to production

In Kuroğlu, expert engineers carry out and execute all steps starting from color analysis to final painting with computers. 

Paints and chemials are charged with automated equipment.

Quality Control

Painted products are phisically and chemically controlled by computer supported equipments. 

For example, color control is made by spectrophotometer which is supported by DATACOLOR.

Sales / Marketing

The purpose of our quality policy is to perform 100% customer satisfaction by understanding at the right time and 
providing the right products for our customers' changing needs and expectations. In direction to accomplish this 
purpose, quality control activities of raw materials, dyeing process and output are carried out by laboratory and 
production divisions at Lüleburgaz plant and headquarter. 

With this quality control process, we believe, it is contributed to the welfare of the society as well as our customers, supliers, employees and partners.