Our Services

Kuroğlu Textile Co. is capable of painting the Pes-cutted fibre sewing filament, Pes-Filament, LYC, viscose filament and blends. 

Kuroğlu Textile Co. Can also paint Nylon and cotton acrilic blends . 

Major exporters and its suppliers prefer Kuroğlu Textile Co. Because of our wide product range and our dedication to quality. 

Besides, we can successfully paint special fibre and fibre mixed filaments. Our success is the result of our high technological equipments and our qualified stuff.

Yarn Dyeing

Cotton, polyester, cotton-polyester, acrylic, viscose- acrylic, viscose-polyester, cotton-acrylic, fancy and modal yarns are being dyed by Oeko-Tex 100 standard and full automation. Also, we have sample dyeing machines. 
Avarege capacity is 10 tons per day. 

Spinning Drying

Yarns are squeezed by computer controled centrifuges after dyeing process, dried in driers with radiofrequency in the form of being contented with stable specifications and packaged by the packing system with computer.

Yarn Winding & Rewinding

Kuroğlu is capable to paint all filaments between 4 and 750 kg . Our boiler capacities are given below.

1*4 kgr 2*11 kgr 3*15 kgr
1*22 kgr 1*50 kgr 2*100 kgr
2*200 kgr 2*300 kgr 2*400 kgr
2*750 kgr    
  A cotton transfer equipment with total 720 spindles made by SSM and 60 spindles fibre transfer equipments are also included in our production line. Also possible to transfer equipments are suitable for standart metric and standart calibre bobbins. 
* Our company has packing yarn services.